LightDesk Professional

Performance Enterprise Computing

LightDesk Professional is a cloud-native, fully managed Microsoft Windows desktop computing solution for professionals needing secure, anywhere access from any device. Easily deploy, scale, and manage your desktop computing environment by eliminating the complexity of maintaining, patching, and managing physical infrastructure.


Because cloud-native desktops are built on large-scale cloud infrastructure and are data-defined, they are faster and more responsive than traditional desktop systems.  Unlike traditional desktops that slow over time, cloud-native desktops offer consistent performance and are scalable on-demand as a user's needs increase.



In traditional desktop computing environments, sensitive data and critical applications are often located on-premises and/or on individual machines, creating a physical security risk.  Any on-premises device that accesses the web in any way represents a large attack surface for external threats to your data.  A cloud-native desktop has no exposure to physical or data breach risks because all data, applications, and computing resources have been moved to a secure cloud environment.



  • Anywhere Access from Any Device

  • On-Demand Deployment

  • Backups and Replication

  • Advanced Virus Protection

  • Hosted Apps

  • Software Updates    

  • Virtual Private Network Support 

  • Annual Compliance Certificate


Reduce Your On-Site Technology Footprint

Reclaim valuable time and effort spent building, maintaining, and protecting a traditional on-site desktop computing environment and keep your data protected from theft and loss by migrating to a cloud-native solution.

Traditional On-Site

Physical compute resources (CPU, RAM, hard dives)

Software updates and patches

Compliance (PCI, HIPPA, etc.)

Ongoing hardware maintenance

Credential management

Local area network management

Backup and disaster recovery processes

Secure internet access

Printers and scanners

User devices


Secure internet access

Printers and scanners

User devices

Instant Disaster Recovery

With cloud-native desktop computing, data protection becomes local to the desktop virtual machine, allowing for higher frequency backups and immediate access to archived data.  Data replication across multiple data centers occurs automatically, including not only archived information, but also the data that defines the desktop itself.  This allows your desktop to live in multiple locations simultaneously, enabling instant and seamless recovery in the event of a catastrophic event.



Compliance Matters

Moving your data to a secure cloud environment allows you to meet strict privacy and data security requirements, without the ongoing costs of compliance and audits.  All of our data centers are certified Tier IV Gold facilities, and we provide annual compliance statements for all of our compliance programs.


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