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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Communications

Our Services


Communication API's

We offer a full list of APIs, giving customers the ability to automize over 50 functions. Streamline your workflows and connect with customers on whichever device they prefer.


Phone Numbers

382 offers local numbers (DIDs) to facilitate inbound calling in over 20,000 rate centers and localities in the U.S. and Canada.  Regardless of your service offering or application, establishing a virtual local presence in the markets you serve and integration with the PSTN is crucial. 


Text Messaging

Modernize your communication strategy with cloud-based SMS and MMS. Meet people where they are via the phone in their pocket. 


Voice Termination

With connections to 300+ Tier1 carriers worldwide, we guarantee successful call delivery. Our cloud-based network is built for heavy call volumes and fewer hops for a better end-user experience. 

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

382 maintains dedicated facilities and switching infrastructure to support your diverse applications, including inbound US based customer support. Our solutions are backed by proprietary clean traffic and fraud protection systems, ensuring a secure and reliable voice services encompassing all voice products as well as domestic and international SMS/MMS. We offer seamless cloud integration and are proud to have a 100% in-house engineering team. Our geo-redundant Network Operations Centers (NOCs) further guarantee robust, reliable, and scalable voice solutions for your enterprise.


Toll Free Voice & Messaging

Cloud-based toll-free technology lets you order, manage, and route calls quickly and easily. Plus, you can customize your 8YY number to include your company name or service for brand consistency.

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